Curriculum - Department of Music School of Fine Arts

The Department of Music is an accredited associate member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The Department of Music defines its mission in developing the musical knowledge, appreciation, talents, skills, and teaching abilities of its students within the dual traditions of the liberal arts and Judeo-Christian faith. While the primary foci are the musical skills development, musical understanding, performance development, teaching skills development, and music appreciation of its students, the Department of Music strongly supports the liberal arts curriculum necessary for students to function as educated, responsible citizens as well as to communicate effectively as musicians and teachers. At Greensboro College, students may pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Music, the Bachelor of Science in Music, the Bachelor of Music Education, or a Certificate of Church Music. The Department of Music has maintained a tradition of excellence and a reputation developing musical performance and teaching skills of its students throughout the long history of the College.

All incoming majors are required to (1) audition, (2) be tested in ear training and sight singing, (3) sight read, and (4) be interviewed by members of the Music Department. Admittance will be carefully judged based upon the following elements:

  • TEACHER RECOMMENDATION – from teacher, coach, conductor, director or mentor in music. If there is no music teacher, then a recommendation from the general school teacher, counselor or principal – to determine skill level, intent, career goals, work ethic, and discipline.
  • PREPARATION FOR THE DISCIPLINE – courses, lessons, experience – through a preview of materials submitted by each candidate.
  • AUDITION: (All must be prepared to sight read, sight sing, and take a short ear training test):
    • INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC – play three music selections: two classical of contrasting style; one selection of their choice (jazz, musical, pop, rock).
    • VOCAL MUSIC – sing three music selections: two classical of contrasting style; one selection of their choice (jazz, musical, pop, rock).
  • INTERVIEW – one-on-one conversation with judges to determine the candidate’s interests, intent, career goals, understanding of major — its requirements, rehearsals, performances.