Students pursuing the B.A. or B.S. degree in music may concurrently pursue a Certificate in Church Music. The overall goal of the church music curriculum is to develop church musicians by offering opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in that field. Course requirements for the Certificate in Church Music are the same as those listed for the major in music. (MUS1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1150, 1160, 2010, 2220, 2030, 2040, 2090, 2150, 2160, 3110, and 3120; sixteen hours of applied study; six hours of Advanced Music from any 3000 or 4000 level courses except applied music lessons and ensembles), plus the following additional courses and requirements:

Major Courses

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MUS2130 History of Church Music and Hymnody (2)
MUS3030 Conducting (3)
MUS3040 Orchestration (3)
MUS3740 Church Music Administration, Repertoire, and Methods (3)
MUS3741 Fieldwork Component (1)
MUS3140 Contemporary Issues in Church Music (2)
MUS4800 Internship or Church Position (3)

Students must present a senior recital; a junior recital is strongly encouraged.

The six hours of advanced music from any 3000 or 4000 level course may include MUS3030 and 3040.

The eight hours of ensembles must include two hours of handbells and four hours of Chamber Singers or Chorale. Students must accompany for two semesters.

Required Related Courses:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
*REL201( ) Introduction to Christian Theology (3)
*REL342( ) The History and Theology of Methodism (3)

*The six hours of REL courses may be substituted as advised by the Religion faculty.

Course Descriptions

MUS2130 History of Church Music (2)
This course is a study of the music of the church from the early Christian era through the present day. Offered periodically based upon student need.

MUS3030 Conducting (3)
This course covers techniques of conducting both with and without the baton; work with instrumental and choral ensembles; requirements of school, community, church; score reading, transposition and orchestration for middle/high school choral, band, and orchestral programs; rehearsal procedures, fundamentals of choral and orchestral interpretation, program building and opportunities to conduct various college ensembles as well as middle/high school ensembles. Videotaping is used for evaluation. The class meets twice a week. Offered Spring, 2006 and 2008.

MUS3040 Orchestration and Form (3)
This is a study of orchestral and band instruments with assignments in writing and scoring for individual instruments, sections, and fall ensembles. Form is studied both as basic principles (part-forms, rondo, fugue, variations, sonata-allegro) and in relation to motivic and interthematic unities in selected compositions. Prerequisite: MUS2010. Offered Spring, 2006 and 2008.

MUS3740 Church Music Administration, Repertoire and Methods (3)
This course will include developing the church music program, recruitment, developing the music library, staff relations, job descriptions, choosing and purchasing instruments, designing worship services, fund raising, working with extra musical events, tours, etc. The musical resources required for children’s youth and adult vocal choirs, handbell choirs, keyboard, and instrumental ensembles will be explored as well as methods for teaching this material. Offered periodically based upon student need.

MUS3741 Fieldwork Component (1)
The student will work with one area of a church observing and assisting with choir and instrumental rehearsals (adult and children).

MUS3140 Contemporary Issues in Church Music (2)
This course deals with contemporary issues in church music such as inclusive language, contemporary vs. traditional worship, the changing face of liturgy, etc. Offered periodically based upon student need.

MUS4800 Internship or Church Position (3)
Requires one semester interning in local music ministry program of at least nine contact hours per week. This should include work with various ensembles, attendance at appropriate meetings in the church, and work with all aspects of the music program. Supervision is an approved ongoing church music position may be substituted for the internship. Offered periodically based upon student need.